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Nominated for 8 Awards at New York City’s Planet Connections Theatre Festivity 2016.

 This contemporary musical adaptation of Hamlet features fusion, latin and rock music styles. NIX is a mix of Shakespeare's most famous play and Erin Brockovich. Tell a rich man he could lose everything and see what happens.

Lyrics: Katherine Brann Fredricks

Music: Massimo Malavasi

The Angel of Hell's Kitchen


Angel of Hell’s Kitchen is a contemporary, street-wise, backstage musical.

World-famous dancer Angel flatters Elizabeth, his saucy, celebrated choreographer. Elizabeth wonders if his flattery is flirtation? In the high-stakes buildup to their Gala Opening Night, she’s so tightly wrapped, that Angel doesn’t dare tell her: he just married another woman.

Angel of Hell’s Kitchen is adapted from a best-selling, public domain novel by Sir Walter Scott. Glamour, charisma, and sizzling choreography ride a hot jazz/rock/funk score. Surrender to the seductive passion and folly of adrenaline, art and heart. See Angel of Hell’s Kitchen burning up the floor.

Lyrics: Katherine Brann Fredricks

Music: Massimo Malavasi

Il Fantasma Di Canterville
The Canterville Ghost - The Musical








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